Friday, October 12, 2012

Sheepskin Rugs and Seat Covers in Canada
Sheepskin Rugs and seat covers are quickly proving to be the most popular products at the new online store, while many of our wholesale accounts focus on slippers and gloves.
We assume that this is because slippers and gloves are more often an impulse purchase or a great gift idea.
Sheepskin rugs and seat covers are more of a specialty product. And although people usually know a little about these products, they usually don't know where to find them.
Our sheepskin rugs are in Home Outfitters right across Canada from Victoria to Halifax and every store in between. Our wool bedding products, duvets and mattress overlays, are also in about 15 of the Home Outfitter stores. Try stopping by your local store to touch and feel our rugs!
Our sheepskin Rugs are in lots of other shops across Canada. If you contact us then we can let you know if there is a dealer near you where you can go and see the product first hand.
stay cozy,


  1. Taking sheepskin products into the realm of leisure activities might seem to be " a stretch", but many sports enthusiasts have found a variety of uses for sheepskin. Bikers like the comfort of the wool pile on their bike seats.

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