Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Blog has been created!
This Blog is owned and operated by Southern Cross Sheepskins Inc. A family owned and operated distributor of sheepskin products in Vancouver, BC. It has been created in support of our newly revamped website, Our goal is to reach the end consumer, the curious reader, and everyone in between with knowledge and info about quality sheepskin products.

We will use this Blog to post some useful and practical information about Sheepskin products, the sheepskin industry, the internationally traded commodity of Wool, etc, etc.

Wool has many natural benefits that we will post about here as time goes on.We will also keep as up to date as possible with Research & Development within the industry and post any interesting findings here on this blog.

Sheepskin and wool products are made world-wide. The most common geographic areas are Australia, New Zealand, southern South America, Mongolia, & Eastern Europe (Greece and Turkey). With smaller markets in North America, Europe, and the UK.

All of our products are made of Australian and NZ origin skins and there's a simple reason (other than the fact that our family is Australian). All over the world wool is and has been a by-product of agriculture and the lamb business for thousands of years. Both Australia and New Zealand have been recently settled and introduced to sheep within the past 200+ years. Only in Australia and New Zealand have sheep been raised for their wool quality as well as meat quality. This is why Australian and NZ pelts and skins are so much thicker, softer, and stronger than other breeds in different parts of the world, and thus the demand for plush products made of this great natural material.

more photo's and info to come!
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