Monday, October 29, 2012

Wool Mattress Covers and Wool Duvets for a better sleep

There are many benefits from sleeping with wool bedding products.
Here is some basic info about wool fibres and the advantages of using our wool duvets and wool mattress covers.
The primary advantage of wool bedding is that it is naturally insulating and helps to maintain your body's regular temperature all year round. This is caused by the breathe-ability of the spring fibers.
Wool absorbs up to 30% of its own weight of moisture before it begins to feel damp. We all perspire about one litre of moisture per night and only wool can wick this dampness away, providing a dry and warm comfort year long. Down feather, polyester, or silk bedding simply can't match this.

You've probably heard claims and acclamation's of high cotton thread counts on Down duvets and quilts. Although this does make for a nice finishing touch, there's another hidden reason that it is necessary for Down products: Down feathers after a few years naturally begin to break down. Over time, the feathers and shafts (calamus) will eventually break down into a fine dust. (perhaps you've seen this when you fluff or 'clap' a pillow between your hands) and the high cotton thread count (very tightly woven cotton) is required to keep that dust contained. This is why it's quite common for people to assume that they have become allergic to their down duvet after a few years of use. The tightly woven cotton means that the quilt is not breathable, and all the bacteria (from your sweat) will culture without any release between dry-cleans.

Wool duvets  consist of wool fibres packed into a loosely woven cotton covering. They are very breathable as well as 100% natural, non allergenic, and also non flammable and self extinguishing.

Wool mattress covers are machine washable and equipped with a fully fitted skirt to reduce shifting. You can sleep directly on wool or lay your fitted sheet over the wool pile.

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